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Indoor Arenas

Vet, Dentist,
Farrier, Massage,


Hay, Feed,
Barn Supplies

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We want to list area equine services with links to their web sites (where applicable). 
Services include:   Boarding stables, trainers, lessons, vets, farriers, equine massage and acupuncture, hay/feed suppliers, tack shops.  Any additions to this list are appreciated.  Please send to:

Lessons, Trainers

Lauren's Pet and Pony

Lauren Davis. Licensed Riding Instructor, trainer
New Meadows Farm, 95 Hollis St., Pepperell, MA 01463
Phone: (978) 501-7554‬,         Web Site:

Vets, Equine Dentists, Farriers, Equine Massage/Acupuncture

Forward Motion Massage - Restoring Movement for Horses and Humans

Bettyann Cernese,    PO Box 1521,   Pepperell, MA 01463
Email:     Phone: 979-302-9030     
Web Site:

Resources for Folks Considering Buying a Horse or a Pet for the First Time

7 Expenses First-Time Horse Owners Aren’t Expecting

                 If you've never owned a horse and want to get one, you should check out this web page.  Also a good
                 reminder for all of us horse-owners!

How First-Time Pet Owners Can Give Their New Animal Companions Everything They Need and More

                Great article submitted by Penny Martin.  What every first-time pet owner needs to know about welcoming a
                 new pet into your home.   Covers:  Preparing for your new pet, welcoming your new pet, and what to do 
                 if you have to go away.  Includes links to basic resources on the web!