Trail clearing

AM Setup
PM Cleanup

Serve snacks
Lunch setup

Call for Volunteers

We always need workers to both help clear and mark trails and work on the day of the ride. You don't need to put aside an entire day. If you can only do an hour or two, we still need your help.

Contact the Trail Ride Committee chairperson if you are interested in working with the committee to do any of the following:

Volunteers Needed!


  • Clear, mark trails. We're breaking the trail into managable loops so don't feel you're going to have to do all 16 miles! If you can only handle one mile, that's great!

Donate Supplies:

  • Trail markers (stakes, ribbons, etc.)
  • Snacks and drinks for half-way station
  • Donuts, pastries, coffee, tea for AM
  • Water, sodas for lunch
  • Chili or chowder for lunch

Day of the Ride:

  • Take Registration     7-10:30 AM
  • Serve snacks, drinks at the half-way station on the trail
  • AM setup (signs and AM food setup) - should only take an hour.
  • PM cleanup (take down signs, clean up registration/food area)
  • Lunch coordination (order and pick up subs)

After the Ride:

  • Remove markers
  • Trail clean-up (pick up poop on roads and Beaver Brook)