PHOA Mission

“Working to preserve and encourage equine activities in the Town of Pepperell”

The Pepperell Horseowners Association (PHOA) invites horseback riders of all 
disciplines to become part of an organization that was formed to preserve  and 
encourage equine activities  in the town of Pepperell.  Formed in 2003 in response 
to the town's proposal to regulate horsekeeping,  PHOA has been active in 
protecting the rural character of the town. The "Right To Farm" bylaw was written  
and sponsored by PHOA.  This legislation provides protection for all agricultural 
endeavors, from bees to trees, truck gardens, dairy farms, horse stables and
operations, etc, now and for future generations.

                                                                           Recently, PHOA donated money to Nashoba Conservation for the installment of
                                                                           video cameras on several Nashoba Conservation trails that were being damaged by
                                                                           excessive ATV use.  We have donated horse rescue and assistance equipment to the

                                                                           Pepperell Fire Department;  and it also covers the  expense of animal rescue
                                                                           training for the P.F.D.   Examples are the "Equine Rescue Sled" for getting horses
                                                                           that can't get up into a trailer and the "Equine Rescue Net" for rescuing horses from
                                                                           deep mud or marshes.  This training and equipment  has helped horses in trouble
                                                                            not only in Pepperell, but in other towns, where our fire department personnel have
                                                                            lent their expertise to help horses in nearby communities.
The organization has  donated equine educational and competition DVD's and videos to the town's Lawrence Library.   We also have a scholarship fund that can be used by area riders, youth and adult, to attend equine educational activities, clinics, and so forth.

 Our annual major fund raiser is the popular Fall Frolic" trail ride, held in late
October or early November.    The ride is affiliated with
New England Horse and Trail
 and offers loops of 5, 10 and 16 miles over Pepperell
conservation land,
private property and Beaver Brook conservation land in Hollis,
NH.  Check the
Annual Trail Ride page for more information.

PHOA  is a voice for all horseowners, whether you have a backyard horse,  a
boarding and/or training stable, a breeding operation,  or a horse-related business, or simply love horses.   Whether you do dressage, eventing, showing, or trail riding, our common interest is to encourage equine activities of all kinds, create good will, work with town officials and conservation groups, promote public awareness of horse safety, and publicize the Town of  Pepperell as a great place to own horses.